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|Best Practice Product Management

  • "...Product Management principles aligned into coherent practice"
  • "...robust method to manage continuous improvement"
  • "...processes with strategic agility and repeatability"
  • "...delivering Strategic Intent on time, every time"
  • "...alignment to lean principles"
  • "...strategic Product Management with true integration to development processes"
  • "...professional 'real world' training programmes "



From individual training programmes in Product Management to fully integrated Strategic Management processes for business transformation projects, we deliver on the most demanding and exacting needs.


IPM offer practical 'real world' Product Management solutions, developed from core research and first principles. The PM process represents a pinnacle of innovative thinking and offers an extraordinarily powerful solution with true agility to meet your specific requirements. Significant benefits are systematically realised in the form of perpetual robustness and repeatability when delivering your strategic objectives. This in turn leads to increased efficiency and profitability across your entire product portfolio - vital ingredients for continued success.




...We offer one of the most modern and innovative Product Management courses available today. The course is suitable for Product Managers, Market Development Managers and Product Directors alike.

This 'intensive' and highly interactive 4-day programme is based upon well-grounded first principles, covering generic key concepts /disciplines though to a powerful array of new content. Every part of the course, where applicable, is complemented with business software models (included as part of the course).

PM Training Courses



An innovative compendium of tools and method based processes offering a robust holistic approach to professional Product Management.


This unique body of knowledge represents a powerful collective of well proven practical methods, which enables you to quickly navigate through every aspect of the Product Management discipline with absolute confidence. You can also be assured that each tool / process within the methodology base has been designed with our core values in mind - Simplicity, Purpose and Clarity.



The size, type, maturity and culture of a business plays a major part as to how its own structure evolves over time. When we observe this rationale across wide sections of industry, it has duly led to many interpretations and associated terms of reference for the Product Management discipline. We respectfully understand that your company is unique and special with its' own idiosyncrasies, so whatever your structural / process starting point is, we offer a valid path and embrace 'best practice' and continuous improvement together.  ...Lean,  efficient, effective and simply right for your organisation.


After many years of practical experience in Product Management, the critical success factors are clear...


Management Disciplines Performing as One


Managing products across their entire life-cycles to deliver on strategic intent, sounds easy, however it remains a considerable challenge to many businesses. All too often the Product Management discipline is simply left to chance and / or mis-managed. The danger of operating in this ad-hoc way of course is that it can lead to a range of undesirable consequences.


Product Management is a key business discipline with numerous time related TouchPoints to be owned and managed. With significant interactions to be pro-actively considered, the result is a complex array of potential outcomes and often requires a triad of management disciplines all performing as one in order to succeed. The 'PMM' process offers a valid path through these complexities, adhering to modern 'Lean' principles throughout, offering the most efficient and effective way to cascade your 'strategic intent' - following method, results in repeatable qualities and outcomes.


You can therefore be assured that the Product Management Methodology (PMM) has the flexibility for your organisation, has been extremely well thought through and includes a complement of modern management methods and processes that align perfectly to best practice interlocks.


...without question, the PMM methodology is a superlative example of robustness and scalability

 that will consistently and effectively deliver your strategic intent.


|Product Director/MD/CEO

  • A continuous lean planning environment that is robust and encourages strong functional ownership throughout the entire Product Management activity.

  • The workflow results in the professional and cohesive management of products / services throughout the business unit.

  • Strategic Intent is delivered with confidence and transparency, risk assessed with nothing left to chance.

  • Management traceability of strategic actions across all functional areas- leading to delivery, ownership and accountability.

|Product Manager/Owner

  • Holistic management 'work flow' / 'framework' that pro-actively and efficiently guides the multidisciplinary team from 'Product Innovation' through 'Active LifeCycle' to 'Product Withdrawal' with repeatable precision.

  • Integrated business models promotes integrity, clarity and common reporting.

  • Fully embraces the principles of lean and  continuous Improvement.

  • Promotes a strong multi-disciplinary   approach to Product Management   Control and management of all aspects of the Product Management discipline.


|Market Dev.Manager

  • Highly effective multi-disciplinary team management.

  • Market segment alignment.

  • Complete alignment with Strategic Intent.

  • Strategic alignment to Product Management.

  • Market driven 'solutions' not products.

  • Clear and effective solution price strategy / deployment.

  • Pro-active market reconnaissance direct to product strategy.

  • Intergrated business models promotes integrity, clarity and common reporting.

  • Fully embraces the principles of lean and continuous improvement.

  • Promotes a strong multi-disciplinary approach to Product Management control and management of all aspects of the market development discipline.



Innovation Process Management (IPM) was established in March 1996 as an independent management consultancy to assist companies in the complexities of Product and Innovation Management.


Since that time we have worked with an extensive list of international clients (...see below) consistently delivering on our promise of professionalism and quality.


As an independent resource we possess professional and extensive 'new product management' knowledge complemented by many years of dependable practical experience. We are able to offer highly flexible and complete Innovation / Product Management solutions ~ from idea generation, business plans, development processes, project management, right through to commercial release...professional resource is available whenever and wherever you need it.


In 2007 IPM developed (...and continues to develop) the proprietary Product Management Methodology. PMM is an extremely powerful end to end management work flow process. Once deployed it enables ‘Product Managers’ to manage their products in a robust and yet flexible manner via a continuous business planning activity.

Furthermore, the structured work flow approach ultimately leads to efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization which in turn relates to a situation of nothing being missed or left to chance.



Our goal is to provide a catalyst for realisable and measurable benefits....

  • Products and Services that delight your Customers.
  • Genuine Customer driven product portfolio.
  • Satisfying Customer needs efficiently - Increased revenue and profit.
  • Dedicated, focused and efficient multidisciplinary teams.
  • Products and services that are easy to sell and produce.
  • Products and Services that create desire.
  • Reduced time to market - increased revenue and genuine competitive advantage.
  • Deployment - Strategies that are efficiently and successfully deployed.
  • Increased market share




From holistic 'PM Methodologies', 'Strategic Processes', 'Continuous Improvement Algorithms' and 'Interactive Business Models', you can observe our influences across a wide spectrum of industry. Our latest project ( represents another key milestone for the Company - Arcturus7 represents an encyclopedic body of knowledge immediately accessible for anyone involved in designing, delivering and managing products and services.


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